This page explains the basics of the World of Cars Wiki's article design. Please use this page for reference for editing articles.


Guideline Example(s)
Repeat the article's title in bold within the first two or three sentences. The World of Cars Wiki:Manual Style is a special page on the World of Cars Wiki.
Italicize all official media titles. Cars: The Video Game
Use links to direct readers to other articles. Lightning McQueen wins the race.
Text should be aligned to the left. Other settings should be used only for unique formatting.

An example of text aligned to the left, as opposed to:

Text aligned to the center, or:

Text aligned to the right.

For more information, see Help:Formatting on


  • Add images that pertain to the article's topic. These should be in the thumbnail format and alternate between left and right positions from the top of the article to the bottom. The recommended size is 220px, but depending on the dimensions of the image, it may require otherwise.
  • Videos can be used as another way of visually representing an article. Videos should use the same settings as images.
  • If there are more images or videos than what can fit throughout the rest of the article, an image gallery should be created. The requested settings include medium spacing between images, centered captions, removal of the "add image to gallery" button, and 175px image size (although, like with images, this may vary depending on other factors)
  • Use tables and bulleted or numbered lists to organize information and for formatting.
  • An infobox template can be used to display vital information about the article's subject, though it is not always necessary.


Information should be organized into sections, created with "Heading" text, as opposed to "Normal" text. These sections should focus on one particular concept or theme in relation to the overall article. For example, when describing all of a character's appearances, a separate "History" section should be created.


Should a particular section of an article become too long, such as a gallery or list, a subpage should be created with the following naming convention: [article name]/[title of section]

For example, if the gallery on the Lightning McQueen article becomes too long, the title of the subpage should be Lightning McQueen/Gallery.

When linking to a subpage on an article, the "ForSubpage" template should be used, including a link to the subpage and what it focuses around. Here is an example of proper use of the "ForSubpage" template:

For this subject's image gallery, see Lightning McQueen/Gallery.


If a section is just large enough to be considered too long, but not quite big enough to warrant a subpage, a scrollbox should be used. This can be implemented by calling the Scrollbox template, and putting all of the information within the scrollbox. Typically this is used for bulleted lists, notably reference sections.

Notices and status templates

There are many notices that should be added to an article's page if necessary. These notices indicate the status of an article, and explain what needs to be done and why. The following templates are used to indicate an article's status:

Template name Use
Conjecture Indicates an article's name is conjectural, meaning an official name for its subject has not been found, and the authors of the wiki have provided the best one possible.
Construction Indicates an article is under construction, and the article's current state may not be the best.
Delete Indicates an article has been requested for deletion for any number of reasons.
SourceRequirement Indicates all information on an article should be accompanied with a reference to a trusted source.
Stub Indicates an article has too little information and more should be added.
Upcoming Indicates an article contains spoilers about an upcoming release, and readers should proceed with caution.

Notes and references

Notes and references should accompany a sentence that contains potentially questionable information, and, more commonly, information about upcoming or recent releases. While both are used in the same format, notes are short blurbs that elaborate on information that would otherwise be out of place on the article. Meanwhile, references contain internal or external links to information sources.

If any notes or references are present on an article, an additional section should be created at the bottom of the article, containing only the Reflist template. The section should be titled "Notes" if there are only notes, "References" if there are only references, or "Notes and References" if both are used.

Notes and references are created by surrounding text with <ref> and </ref> tags.


Articles should have navigation templates that provide readers with a list of articles that revolve around a similar topic, for helping readers navigate the site and search for information they desire. For example, if an article is about a character from Cars, the Cars navigation template should be added:

Lightning McQueenDoc HudsonTow MaterSally CarreraSheriffLuigiGuidoFillmoreSargeRamoneFloLizzieRedStanleyTractorsFrankStrip WeathersChick HicksMackRusty and Dusty Rust-ezeTex DinocoFredMia and TiaLynda WeathersHarvSnot RodBoostDJWingoNot ChuckDexter HooverBessieJerry Recycled BatteriesAlbert HinkeyVroomaroundus BugusBarney StorminAl OftMinnyVanKori TurbowitzBob CutlassDarrell CartripBrianDan SclarkenbergKim CarllinsSkip RicterChukiJay LimoSvenChuck ManifoldMichael SchumacherAntonio Veloce EccellenteCostanzo Della CorsaMario AndrettiWinford Bradford RutherfordSage VanDerSpinClaude ScruggsGreg CandymanMurray ClutchburnRyan ShieldsLee RevkinsTodd MarcusBilly OilchangerChuck ArmstrongCrusty RotorRusty CornfuelAiken AxlerErnie GearsonKevin RacingtireFloyd MulvihillDavey ApexSlider PetrolskiBrush CurberRalph CarlowDirkson D'AgostinoManny FlywheelHaul InngasMisti MotorkrassEugene CarbureskiJames CleanairRuby OaksKevin ShiftrightDarren LeadfootMac iCarPonchy WipeoutJohnny BlamerDale Earnhardt, Jr.Rotor TurboskyGrayDinoco Crew ChiefLuke PettleworkDinoco GirlsChief ChickChick Hicks HaulerWide Chick PittyBruiser BukowskiTrunk Fresh Crew ChiefTrunk Fresh HaulerTrunk Fresh PittyEric RoadalesHugo FastNitroade Crew ChiefErnest B. RaykesPiccolo PerryLeak Less HaulerStacyEarl FilterMood Springs PittyMood Springs HaulerN2O Cola PittyRoman DunesShirley SpinoutNo Stall HaulerChief RPM"Petrol" PulaskiRPM HaulerOctane Gain HaulerDudley SpareOctane Gain Crew ChiefJerry DrivechainWells RunaboutSenior TraxNebekenezer SchmidtEasy Idle Crew ChiefEasy Idle PittyVitoline PittyVitoline HaulerBumper Save PittyVinyl Toupee HaulerSidewall Shine HaulerShifty Drug HaulerGasprin HaulerView Zeen HaulerCharlie CheckerRace Official TomTowMarco AxelbenderRichard Clayton KensingtonAxle AcceleratorMarlon "Clutches" McKayBernie BanksArtieBrian Fee ClampMarcoStu BopKathy CopterRon HoverChuck Choke CablesNelson Blindspot"Studs" McGirdleDash BoardmanHoomanHouser BoonBertTim RimmerAndreaMattiCora CopperOliver LightloadGilChet BoxkaarBen CrankleshaftPaul ValdezTimothy "Timezone" TruecoatMildred BylaneEdwin KranksDustin MellowsGretaHank "Halloween" MurphyValerie VeateNicky B.Marilyn StickersNick StickersDerek "Decals" DobbsPercy HanbrakesMilton CalypeerMiles "Meattruck" MaloneThe Convoy BrothersMiloJohnny and JamieWilmar FlattzBarry DieselBrad WinmilerDarla VandersonPolly PuddlejumperJ. Low LeeTrev DieselBudR.M.LarryElvisVernBenny BrakedrumCoriander WidetrackBrake BoydSyd VanDerKamperMarty BrakeburstMatthew "True Blue" McCrewKit RevsterDonna PitsJonathan WrenchworthsAndy VaporlockMichael SparkberJ. ShoesteerJapethCraig FasterSwift AlternetterBennie CaliperTimothy TwostrokeToddBertha ButterswagonClayton GentlebreezeDuff WrecksThe Autobahn SocietyAlphanumerosHamm CentercutBuzz Light CarWoodyFlikP.T. FleaP.T. Flea's Circus TroupeSulleyMikeYetiLeroy TraffikMurphyFrank "Pinky" PinkertonCharlie CargoT.J. HummerPattyLightning McQueen Pick Up FanJay W.Christina WheelandTurtle and Cubby
Places and Locations
Carburetor CountyRoute 66Radiator SpringsTailfin PassOrnament ValleyLuigi's Casa Della TiresRamone's House of Body ArtFlo's V8 CafeRadiator Springs CuriosTow Mater Towing & SalvageSarge's Surplus HutFillmore's Taste-InCozy Cone MotelGlenrio MotelRadiator Springs Drive-In TheatreRacing MuseumBudville Trading CompanyDoc's ClinicThe Oil PanLubeoramaPop N Patch Tire RepairMrs. PistonCarburetor Emporium RepairMuddy's MudflapsFoggy WindshieldCurb FoolsSparky's SparkplugsRusty BumperEatWimpy's WipersWheel Well MotelMotor Speedway of the SouthLos Angeles International SpeedwayInterstate 40
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These should be at the very bottom of the article, under the final section.


Appropriate categories should be used to categorize articles based on their content and subject matter. In source mode, categories can be added using [[Category:[name of category]]]

Linking to other language wikis

If one of our alternate language wikis has an article about the same subject, they can be linked to by adding the appropriate link. For example, if you wish to link to the Lightning McQueen's Polish article, add [[pl:Zygzak McQueen]].