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Welcome to the World of Cars Wiki!

The World of Cars Wiki is an online encyclopedia powered by Wikia that covers anything and everything to do with the Cars series, a franchise of media created by Pixar and its affiliates. Here you will find over 2,000 articles relating to Cars, including the series' media, characters, locations, songs, merchandise, and more! If you are new to the wiki, please take a look at our rules and policies to become aware of the rules and regulations we would like you to follow. Thank you for coming to our wiki, and have fun!

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Snot rod
Snot Rod is a member of the Delinquent Road Hazards, a group of hooligans that enjoy causing trouble around Carburetor County. He is a recurring character in the Cars series, first appearing in Cars. In most of his appearances, Snot Rod and the other members of his gang are portrayed as antagonists.

In Cars, the Delinquent Road Hazards are weaving in and out of traffic and showing off on Interstate 40. Among the Interstate travelers is Mack, who is attempting to transport Lightning McQueen to the Los Angeles International Speedway without stopping to rest. As a result of this, Mack grows tired, and begins to drift off to sleep.


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Cars 3 Official US Teaser Trailer

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