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Vladimir trunkov
Vladimir Trunkov
General Information



Blue, yellow

Eye Color



Trunkov Family Leader


Iron Bumper, Big Ears

Series Information
First Appearance

Cars 2


Stanley Townsend

Vladimir Trunkov is the head of the Trunkov family.


Before becoming the leader of the Trunkov family, Vladimir was a gray-market parts smuggler behind the "Iron Bumper". But when the power in his country shifted back to an autocracy, he changed his name and went underground. Known on the street as "Big Ears" because of two side-panel air inlets, Vladimir was able to hear trouble coming kilometers before anyone else. With so many close calls, Vladimir doesn't know how many strokes he's got left in his engine.

Cars 2

In Cars 2, Vladimir Trunkov meets with the other lemon crime bosses in Porto Corsa, to discuss and watch the plans for the Allinol destruction plan. After Mater accidentally reveals his disguise, Vladimir is one of the many who tried to shoot him.

Near the end of the film, Vladimir was blinded by Flo, and impounded and arrested by Sheriff.

Other Appearances

Vladimir made a cameo appearance in the Obey Traffic Signals promotional commercial, driving along the streets in the background.


Vladimir is painted light blue with yellow stripes on his sides.


Vladimir is based off of a 1971 Avto Trunkov T-71. He is modeled as a ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets car with one adjustment: the letter T on his front bumper, which stands for his last name; Trunkov.

His license plate is 95-81 OMH in the film, and 19-71 SMK on the die-casts, the same as Petrov Trunkov's.


Vladimir is the leader of the Trunkov crime family.


Feature Films




  • Vladimir's color scheme (blue and yellow) reflects the Ukrainian state flag. The ZAZ plant is located in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.
  • Vladimir's tires read Road Hug, the same as Acer, Fred Pacer, and one British Police Officer.
  • When Mater scans Vladimir and the other lemon heads, it is shown that Vladimir is currently wanted in The Republic of New Rearendia, which is a fictional country that Rip Clutchgoneski is from. This is possibly another Easter egg.
  • His Die-Cast toy has the same facial expression as Tolga Trunkov's Die-Cast toy.


Victor Hugo: "Is the big boss here yet?"
Vladimir Trunkov: "No, not yet."
Tubbs Pacer: "He's supposed to be here any minute."
—Vladimir Trunkov and Tubbs Pacer answer Victor Hugo's question about the Big Boss's arrival.


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