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Some Cars 2 trailers and featurettes

"Trouble" is a song by Bitter:Sweet that plays during some of the Cars 2 trailers and featurettes.


Get your back against the wall.
Put your hands up Mr. Small.
I am here to set you straight.
I don't have time to argue your way.
Ohhh, I'll give you one more chance to get yourself off.
Ohhh, I'll give you one more chance to tell me why you can't.
You're trouble.
Just trouble.

So now you're beating to my drum.
What's wrong, sweet pea? Cats got your tongue?
The more I begin to understand The more I find you're such a bad man. Ohhh, I'll give you one more chance to come clean to me
Ohhh, give me one more chance to orchestrate a plan.
You're trouble.
Just trouble


Ohhh, you have too much fun breaking all the rules.
Ohhh, maybe so much fun I just might break them too.
You're trouble.
Oooh, just trouble.
Oooh, you're trouble.
Mmm, just trouble.

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