Tow Truck Trouble
Book Information
Written By

Frank Berrios

Illustrated By

Dan Gracey
Andrew Phillipson

Publish Date

May 11, 2010

Published By

Random House Disney

Tow Truck Trouble is a book.

Plot Synopsis

Mater is enjoying the contests of the Rustbucket Stadium, until one day a bullying tow truck named Bubba and his two sidekicks arrive. He challlenges Mater to a racing derby, the winner becoming the owner of Rustbucket Stadium. Mater agrees and they decide on three challenges: tire-snagging, cone-dodging and a one-lap race, with Tater and Tater Jr. judging. The first event is won by Bubba, though not fairly. The second is won by Mater, and the third event is also won by Mater after Bubba flips over during the race.


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