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Not to be confused with the race car of the same name.
Todd, the pizza planet truck
General Information



Yellow, white, red

Eye Color



Pizza Planet delivery truck

Series Information
First Appearance


Todd is a Pizza Planet truck who makes appearances in Cars and Cars 2. He is a Gyoza Poky 2.4 Liter Inline 4, which is consistent with the model the truck was given in Toy Story 2. Todd is painted in yellow and white livery, with the Pizza Planet logo on both of his doors. He has the Rocketship resembling Pizza Planet atop his roof.



In Cars, Todd makes a cameo appearance at the Los Angeles International Speedway, watching Darrell Cartrip and Bob Cutlass excitedly inform everyone of the tie-breaker race that will be starting soon.

Cars 2

In Cars 2, Todd can first be seen on the LCD television inside of the Wheel Well Motel, being interviewed on a show named "Tire Talky", just prior to the airing of the Mel Dorado Show. He also appears at the very end of the film, watching the Radiator Springs Grand Prix next to Mia and Tia.


Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "Todd is one of a legion of devoted Pizza Planet Delivery trucks delivering fresh off the line Pizza Planet brand air filters to cars all over California. Every now and then in Todd's quest to make it to his customers, as soon as possible, he stumbles upon an unavoidable detour like: construction, flooded roads, or worst of all, free tickets to the race of the century at the Los Angeles International Speedway."


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Todd Todd


  • Todd is based on the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story 2, a vehicle that can be seen in nearly every Pixar film to date.
  • Todd is the only character in the Cars series that has a frontal wiper on his windshield, although the windshield is not present in Cars 2.
  • He is among the few cars that have the inside mouth shared with their mudguard without any kind of division like other cars. The reason of this and his wiper is possibly because he is a modified version of the original Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story.
  • Todd can be spotted in the background of a Cars 2 poster, in the middle London portion near the Victoria Memorial.

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