Thunder and Lightning is a book adapted by Katherine Emmons and art crafted by Whinne Ho. The book tells the beginning of the Cars movie.


Mack arrived at the big race, with Lightning McQueen in his trailer. Soon, Lightning got out, and the crowd cheered.

Lightning was fast, but was he fast enough to beat The King? The King was a real racing legend, who had won more Piston Cups than any other car in history. However, he was about to retire, and could he win his last race?

Not if Chick Hicks had his way! Chick had been chasing the King's tail fin his entire career. Now with the King retiring, Chick was ready to become the new champion.

The race started, with Lightning passing Chick. But then, Chick rammed McQueen off the track. Then, he rammed another car, causing a huge crash. He was sure that Lightning wouldn't be able to make it through the crash, but surprisingly, he did!

Chick took a pit stop, but Lightning zoomed past the pit row, making Chick impatient. A few laps later, Lightning did take a pit stop, but only for gas, not for tires.

Soon, the final lap came, and Lightning was in a big lead. He was taking victory, until his rear left tire blew. However, he was only 100 feet from the finish line, so he was sure he could still make it. But then, his rear right tire blew! He was 50 feet from the finish line, and the King and Chick were catching up. Finally, all 3 racers cross the finish line, but it was too close to tell who won!

Lightning was sure that he won, but so did Chick. Then, the King came to McQueen telling him that it's not a one-man deal, but McQueen was too busy day dreaming about the Piston Cup and Dinoco sponsorship.

Soon, the results were announced: it was a 3-way tie! A tiebreaker race will happen in California in a week. Chick made a bet to Lightning that the first one to California will get the Dinoco sponsorship, so Lightning climbed into Mack and they drove off to California for the tiebreaker race...