The Spooky Sound is a book, written by Melissa Lagonegro and illustrated by Ron Cohee.


Lightning McQueen and Mater were gathered with Flo, Lizzie, Fillmore, Sally, Red, and Ramone, telling them some scary stories. They weren't scared, but the others were.

Later, they were driving home, when they suddenly hear a spooky sound. They go around Radiator Springs trying to find out where the sound was coming from.

While searching for the sound, they mistake scary shapes as monsters. They mistaked a pile of cans at Ramone's House of Body Art as a monster, Sarge fixing Doc as a fire monster, a pile of tires at Luigi's Casa Della Tires as a two-headed monster, and Al Oft as a glowing monster.

While still searching, they hear the sound behind them. Mater was scared, but Lightning was brave enough to turn around and see what the sound was. It turns out the sound was Sheriff driving in his sleep!

They laughed about the sound, until they see 2 glowing eyes. They thought it was a monster, so they ran away. However, they were really 2 lightning bugs.