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Tex dinoco
Tex Dinoco
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Gold, with a cow-spotted roof

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Dinoco Owner



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H. A. Wheeler

"Oh-ee! That was one close finish. You sure made Dinoco proud. Thank you, King."
Tex Dinoco, Cars

Tex Dinoco is Dinoco's owner and talent scout that appears in Cars.




Tex with The King and Lynda Weathers

In Cars, Tex is first seen driving alongside The King and his wife, near the Dinoco tent.

Later, in Lightning McQueen's daydream of Chick Hicks getting sponsored by Dinoco, Chick touches Tex with his tire, and both of them along with the Dinoco gang laugh. He is then seen with Chick when the text "The New Face of Dinoco" is shown.

At the Los Angeles International Speedway race, he and Lynda cheer on for The King. They both get shocked when Chick rams The King off the track, and are happy to see McQueen push The King towards the finish line.

At the end of the film, he offers Lightning the chance to become the new face of Dinoco, but is turned down. He later lets Mater ride in the Dinoco team helicopter.

Other appearances

Tex also appeared in the comic Looking for Lightning, in which he comes to Radiator Springs to invite Lightning to a charity Piston Cup race, only to find out that he went on a drive with Sally. He and Sheriff set out to look for them, and find them up by Tailfin Pass.

General information

Physical description


Promotional artwork of Tex.

Tex is a 1975 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. His license plate reads "Dinoco", like his Cars Toons counterpart, Dex Dinoco.

Tex is painted gold, with chrome lining and a cow-spotted roof. His bumper is chrome, as well as his rims.

Personality and traits

Tex is kind, and shows care towards the Piston Cup racers, particularly The King and Lightning McQueen.


Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "Tex has been Dinoco's team owner and talent scout for over 20 years. Sure, he's a smooth-talker from the Lone Star State, but he's also a genuine guy with a big heart. He knows it takes more than flash and big talk to win -- it takes loyalty, smarts and a lot of hard work. And Tex ought to know; he started Dinoco with just one tiny oil well, and now he runs the largest oil empire in the world."



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Tex Dinoco Tex Dinoco


  • Tex has a similar car body to Mel Dorado, a TV show host in Cars 2.
  • Tex's name is a reference to his home (Texas) and strong Texan dialect. It could also be a reference to THX's mascot of the same name (who Pixar also created).

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