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Syd VanDerKamper
Syd VanDerKamper
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White, brown

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Syd VanDerKamper is a caravan that is a fan of the Piston Cup Racing Series. He appears in Cars, watching the tie-breaker race between Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, and Strip Weathers at the Los Angeles International Speedway. VanDerKamper stands out from the other caravans due to the swimming pool he sits in, surrounded by plastic pink flamingos and palm trees, as well as a cooler with beverages.

He is a 1986 Cloud Chaser RV that is painted white, with brown and tan lining on his doors.

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  • Bios
    • "Each year Syd VanDerKamper migrates cross country to see his favorite Piston Cup races. Last year on his way to the Los Angeles International Speedway, he swung through Kingman, Arizona where he found plastic flamingos at a local garage sale! Now a permanent fixture on Syd's "front lawn," his plastic bird friends have earned him an honored sport atop fabled Redneck Hill."



  • Syd's flamingos are the same ones that appear in the Pixar short film Knick Knack. However, the flamingos are not "car-ified".

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