Super Spies
Book Information
Written By

Susan Amerikaner

Illustrated By

Caroline LaVelle Egan
Scott Tilley
Andrew Phillipson
Seung Beom Kim

Publish Date

May 17, 2011

Super Spies is a Step into Reading book that summarizes the major plot details of Cars 2.


Team McQueen has traveled to Tokyo for the first big race of the World Grand Prix. But when evil strikes, it's up to Mater, Finn and Holley to stop the lemons from getting their way and destroying the competition. During the second race in Porto Corsa, Finn and Mater are captured and brought to Big Bentley, where they are tied up, watching over the final race in London. Mater and his friends save the race by exposing the lemons, and the two are knighted in front of all their friends.



  • In the illustration of Finn and Mater at the airport, a blue car with a large spoiler can be seen in the background, likely a reference to The King.