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The king
Strip Weathers
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Former racer / Piston Cup Racecar


The King, Strip "The King" Weathers, Mr. The King

Friends & Family

Lynda Weathers (wife)


Lynda Weathers, Rotor Turbosky, Tex Dinoco, Luke Pettlework, Chief Dinoco, Lightning McQueen, Mater, Dinoco Girls


Chick Hicks

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Piston Cup Driving, Racing

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Richard Petty

Mrs. The King: "Whatever happens, you're winner to me, you old daddy rabbit."
The King: "Thanks, dear. We wouldn't be nothing without you."
—The King and Mrs. The King

"The King" Strip Weathers, has seen it all. From his humble beginnings on the Piston Cup circuit, to the glitzy sponsorship and media attention he has today, this seven time Piston Cup Champion is the winningest racecar in all of Piston Cup history. After a spectacular crash, The King looked pretty beat up, but rest assured he was back on his tires in no time flat! When you've been racing and crashing as long as he has, you can handle a few scrapes and dents...He's loved every second of his racing career, but truth be told, The King is ready for a slower pace. He's looking forward to more time with his queen, Mrs. The King.



Strip leading the race.
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In Cars, The King is one of the three finalists to the tiebreaker race in California. After the race in Motor City, he gave Lightning advice on how to be a caring car. At the race in Los Angeles, The King led for most of the time until Lightning sped out from the pits and ahead of the pace car. After getting frustrated that he wasn't going to win, Chick hit him and sent him flying through the air through the infield. Lightning helped him make it to the finish line, much to everyone's amazement.

Cars: The Video Game

The King's appearance in Cars: The Video Game
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In Cars: The Video Game, The King returns as a playable character. While retired, he is still an unlockable character for Piston Cup racing. As a result, some of Darrell Cartrip's commentary lines include "It sure is nice to have Weathers back on the track!" He is only playable in the Piston Cup races in Arcade and Vs. Modes. Strangely, he doesn't appear in Story Mode, but he was mentioned in the cut-scene for Palm Mile Speedway, where Darrell Cartrip says that with the King retired, it's now gonna be Lightning vs. Chick now.

Disney Infinity

In Disney Infinity, The King appears many times as a racing opponet. He also appears in some cut-scenes, including one where he talks to Luigi.


The King is kind and caring about others, much unlike Lightning McQueen.


The King is painted Dinoco Blue, with the Dinoco sponsor and number "43". On his trunk, he has a giant, tall blue spoiler.


Strip is based off of a 1970 Richard Petty Road Runner Plymouth Superbird with a 426 ci hemi (about seven liters) engine, the same model Richard Petty drove. Apart from the spoiler and paint, the cars are exactly the same. The Superbird was a heavily modified version of the Plymouth Roadrunner, specifically designed for stock car racing. Its radical design was later banned by NASCAR. The King features slightly bigger wheels and a shortened wheelbase - an edit only for the film to make the car more visually appealing.


The King was a seven-time Piston Cup champion, before retiring.


Feature Films

Video Games



  • In the Danish version, the King is voiced by eight-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen.
  • In the Finnish version, The King is voiced by Finnish two-time Formula One World Champion Mika Häkkinen.
  • In the German version, he is voiced by Austrian three-time Formula One World Champion Niki Lauda.


The King: "Hey, buddy. You're one gutsy racer."
Lightning McQueen: "Oh, hey, Mr. The King."
The King: "You got more talent in one lug nut than a lot of cars has got in their whole body."
Lightning McQueen: "Really? Oh, that..."
The King: "But you're stupid."
Lightning McQueen: "Excuse me?"
The King: "This ain't a one-man deal, kid. You need to wise-up and get you self a good crew chief and a good team. And you ain't gonna win unless you got good folks behind you, and you let them do their job, like they should. Like I tell the boys at the shop..."
Lightning McQueen: A good team. Yeah."
The King: "If you figure that out, you just gonna be OK."
Lightning McQueen: "Oh, yeah, that.. That is spectacular advice. Thank you Mr. The King."
—The King and Lightning McQueen on their first meeting
Junior: "Hey, King! Good luck in your last race. You've sure been an inspiration to me."
The King: "Thanks, Junior. Appreciate it."
Mrs. The King: "Hey, be careful out there, OK?"
The King: "Yeah, ma'am."
—The King, Mrs. The King, and Junior, before The King's last race
The King: "What are you doing, kid?"
Lightning McQueen: "I think The King should finish his last race."
The King: "You just gave up the Piston Cup, you know that?"
Lightning McQueen: "Ah, this grumpy old race car I know once told me something: it's just an empty cup."
—The King and Lightning McQueen, as McQueen pushes The King to the finish line


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