Sarge's Boot Camp
Book Information
Written By

Ferdinand Stepson

Publish Date

January 8, 2008

Published By

Random House Disney

Sarge's Boot Camp is a book.


Sarge is opening a boot camp for new 4x4 hummers that are visiting Radiator Springs. T.J, a big, brand new hummer, arrvives in town. Sarge offers T.J. his boot camp, but T.J. declines, until Sarge loudly yells that is an "ORDER". T.J. soon is put to Sarge's tests, and starts worrying about his tires and grille. With Luigi and Guido, T.J. then reaches a cliff with mud at the bottom, and worries that he will flip over. But when T.J. lands in the mud, he realizes that he likes the boot camp and overcomes his fear of becoming dirty.



  • This story is loosely adapted from the ending of Cars.
  • For a limited time, a two-sided version was available with Al's Sky High Adventure.

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