Santa Carburera
Santa Carburera is a location in Cars Race-O-Rama.


Santa Carburera hosts the 2nd round in the Race-O-Rama series. It's a coastline town, with sea fresh air, and a dock with a beach. Their is also a lighthouse.

It's also the home of Candice, who joined Chick Hicks to win the Race-O-Rama (but at the end of the story, she decides to join Lightning McQueen and his racing academy).

There are 3 races, Road Race 2, Academy Challenge 2, and Candice's Glam Tour. Before the final race, Chick Hicks, comes to the starting line to introduce Candice to Lightning McQueen and Flo. After the race, Candice gets angry for losing, she called her daddy for new everything, and he agrees to get what she wants.

Besides the Race-O-Rama series, their is also Guido Kart 3, Photo Op 3, Auto Cross 3, Point to Point 2, and Relay Race 1.