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To make bumpers shine

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Cars 3

"Yes, yes, yes! Lightning McQueen here, and I use Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment, new rear end formula! Nothing soothes a rusty bumper like Rust-eze! Wow! Look at that shine! Use Rust-eze, and you too, can look like me! Ka-chow!"
Lightning McQueen in a TV advertisement for Rust-eze, Cars

Rust-eze is a medicated bumper ointment, with a rear end formula, for cars with rusty bumpers, to get rid of rust. The product was invented by the brothers Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze. The product guarantees a shiny result instantly (but the actual results may take up to 36 weeks). It is also the sponsor of the famous race car, Lightning McQueen. McQueen at first looks down upon everything the company represents and plans to ditch them to go with Dinoco as soon as he gets a chance, but has a change of heart after his life-changing experiences in the town of Radiator Springs, and decides to stay with the sponsor that made him famous. As according to Mayday, Dottie gave him some of it.

In Cars 3, Rust-eze briefly gets re-branded as Rusteze. Rusty and Dusty sells the company to Sterling in order to build the Rust-eze Racing Center, but after the Florida 500, Tex Dinoco purchases the company.



  • In Cars 2, Lightning McQueen is shown earlier in the movie with his Rust-eze decals, but after he was customized for the World Grand Prix, he doesn't bare any.
  • In the beginning of Cars 3, the company's logo on McQueen has a different style, but it is reverted to the old style for the Florida 500.
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