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Radiator Springs Racers-concept art
Radiator Springs Racers testing in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure01:07

Radiator Springs Racers testing in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Radiator Springs Racers is the biggest attraction at Cars Land. It is 6 acres big out of the 12 acres total, half of Cars Land.

The Ride

When you wait in line, you walk through Stanley's Oasis. After waiting in line, you get into a car, one racing with another. Sheriff will tell you the safety rules (and even stating that he might come after you), and Ramone says them in Spanish. One car is yellow, while others are red and other colors.

The ride starts going through a ride through Ornament Valley. The vehicle will go through a short tunnel, and a waterfall will be at the other side. Then, the vehicle enters another tunnel, which is long. Mack will appear suddenly, and the vehicle will swerve around him. Then the vehicle swerves around Van and Minny. Next, you will cross train tracks right after a train comes. Sheriff will pull the vehicle over, as if he's gonna give you a ticket, but he's really welcoming you to the big race. He will tell Mater to take the vehicle to the big race. Mater comes, and he takes the vehicle tractor tipping. Frank wakes up and chases Mater and the vehicle to Radiator Springs.

Finally, you arrive in Radiator Springs through Flo's V8 Cafe where you meet Fillmore, Sarge, Lizzie, and RedLightning and Sally welcomes you to the race, and will either tell you go to Luigi's Casa Della Tires or Ramone's House of Body Art. If the vehicle goes to Ramone's House of Body Art, Flo will tell Ramone that a customer is coming, and an air brush will paint the car. If the vehicle goes into Luigi's Casa Della Tires, Luigi and Guido are there, and Guido changes your tires with fresh whitewalls. Then, for both sides, Doc Hudson will give you some racing advice, saying that you will need more than tires or paint to win the race. Finally, you line up at the starting line with another vehicle, and Luigi and Guido will start the race. The race goes outside the darkend section, around Radiator Cap Mountain, then around Willy's Butte. After Willy's Butte is the finish line. The winner is random. You'll go into a tunnel for Comfy Caverns, where Mater and Lightning McQueen congratulate you and say you did a good job. Then, the ride will end, and you will get out of your vehicle.


Buckle up at Radiator Springs Racers and compete with other speed seekers! Zip over hills, zoom around banked turns and cruise down straight-aways past the spectacular red-rock formations of Ornament Valley. Some of your favorite friends, like Sally, Luigi, Guido, Mack and Ramone, can be seen at the track.


  • The ride is randomly programmed to select a different winner each race. You have a 50-50 chance of being in the winning car!
  • The steepest degree of banking on the track is 45 degrees.
  • Each vehicle on the track is estimated to do more than 36,000 miles a year, that's equivalent to more than 14 trips down the original Route 66.
  • The peaks of the mountain range, from left to right, represent classic Cadillac tail fins from 1957, 1958, 1959 (the Pinnacle), 1960, 1961 and 1962.
  • At the point when Mater takes the vehicle tractor tipping, there are two animatronics of Mater. One goes behind the bush and another comes out from the other side, giving the appearance that there is only one Mater.
  • Although Doc Hudson died before the events of Cars 2, he appears in Radiator Springs Racers, so it could be that this takes place before Cars 2.


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