Porto Corsa poster with Francesco Bernoulli.

The Porto Corsa Circuit is a racing circuit. Porto Corsa hosted the second round of the World Grand Prix. The circuit starts from the port, along a spectacular road, rises and then falls, then passes on the huge Casino Bridge and then returns to the port.


Starting Positions

Positions Number Name
1 1 Francesco Bernoulli
2 95 Lightning McQueen
3 8 Carla Veloso
4 7 Shu Todoroki
5 24 Jeff Gorvette
6 5 Miguel Camino
7 2 Lewis Hamilton
8 4 Max Schnell
9 9 Nigel Gearsley
10 10 Rip Clutchgoneski
11 6 Raoul Caroule

Finishing Positions

Positions Number Name
1 95 Lightning McQueen
2 1 Francesco Bernoulli
DNF 24 Jeff Gorvette
DNF 2 Lewis Hamilton
DNF 10 Rip Clutchgoneski
DNF 6 Raoul Caroule
DNF 4 Max Schnell
DNF 5 Miguel Camino
DNF 7 Shu Todoroki
DNF 9 Nigel Gearsley
DNF 8 Carla Veloso


  • Even Jeff Gorvette and Lewis Hamilton (race car) didn't got involved in the crash, they have not crossed the finish line (due to getting stuck at the Casino Bridge), that's why they still did not finish the race.
  • This is considered to be the most harmful race, because of having almost all of the racers to crash.