Not to be confused with the film or the Little Golden Book.

Planes (Big Golden Book)
Book Information
Written By

Random House Disney

Illustrated By

Random House Disney

Publish Date

July 2, 2013

Published By

Random House Disney

Planes is a book.


Dusty Crophopper, a kind and fast biplane, is participating in a racing competition that takes place around the world. With rivalry forming, the competition is fierce. Dusty makes friends with his fellow competitors, but one plane he is not too fond of is Ripslinger, a cheating competitor who gets his wins by simply eliminating anyone who gets in his way. Though not very brave, he is a great flyer and has the ability to outrun even two jets. When Ripslinger and his two sidekicks cause disaster on the scene of the first race, Dusty needs the help of friends old and new to face one of the biggest challenges of his life.


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