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Piston Cup logo
The Piston Cup Racing Series is a racing series championship that has been making championships from decades through various generations of racers and champions. Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks are the main racers in the Piston Cup. Doc Hudson and The King also used to race there, but they retired.


The Piston Cup racers are big events sponsored by lots of trademarks and covered by RSN (Racing Sports Network), among other media. The races take place at huge racing stadiums which most have the traditional oval form.

Old Pisto Cup logo

Old Piston Cup logo.

A Piston Cup championship consists of various races where the racers are dotted with an specific number of points according to their positions on each race during the championship. The races can vary from 7 to 400 laps depending the race. Each competitor has a team of pitties, a crew chief and a hauler, which are sponsored. The car with most racing points wins the championship and the famous Piston Cup.


The Piston Cup trophy.

Piston Cup Speedways

Piston Cup list of racers



Reserve drivers

Piston Cup employers

All the cars that were contracted to work to the Piston Cup's events.

Seasons histories

1951/ 1952/ 1953 Seasons

The 1951, 1952 and 1953 Piston Cup seasons were won by the #51 racer The Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

1951: 13 victories. 1952: 27 victories. 1953: 22 victories.

1954 Season

In the 1954 Piston Cup Season, on the Old Piston Cup Racetrack, The #51 racer Doc Hudson got seriously damaged on the final lap of a race because of a crash produced by #23 racer Sammy "The Studebaker". 1954 Doc Victories: 16.

1954 newspaper

1954 newspaper.

2004 Season

Charlotte Springs Speedway

The speedway

Before 2005, in the Piston Cup, all the cars were of the same model. Some racing scenes are seen in Cars 2005 Teaser Trailer, where there is a race seen in Charlotte Springs Speedway.

2005 Season (Cars)

Bob Cutlass: "Welcome back to the Dinoco 400. I'm Bob Cutlass, here with my good friend, Darrell Cartrip. We're midway through what may turn out to be a historic day for racing."
Darrell Cartrip: "Bob, my oil pressure's through the roof right now. If this gets more exciting, they're gonna have to tow me outta the booth!"
Bob Cutlass: "Right you are, Darrell. Three cars are tied for the season points lead, heading into the final race of the season. And the winner of this race Darrell, will win the season title and, the Piston Cup. Does The King, Strip Weathers, have one more victory in him before retirement?"
Darrell Cartrip: "He's been Dinoco's golden boy for years! Can he win them one last Piston Cup?"
Bob Cutlass: "And, as always, in the second place spot we find Chick Hicks. He's been chasing that tailfin his entire career."
Darrell Cartrip: "Chick thought this was his year, Bob. His chance to finally emerge from The King's shadow. But the last thing he expected was...Lightning McQueen!"
Bob Cutlass: "You know, I don't think anybody expected this. The rookie sensation came into the season unknown. But everyone knows him now."
Darrell Cartrip: "Will he be the first rookie to win a Piston Cup and land Dinoco?"
Bob Cutlass: "The legend, the runner up, and the rookie! Three cars, one champion!"
Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip
Dinoco 400
The 2005 Piston Cup racing season was appreciated by Dinoco to see who would be the next Dinoco racer. It took place in various speedways, in summer. The 3 leaders of the season were The King, Chick Hicks and the rookie Lightning McQueen, and the three got to the final race with the same amount of points: 5013. The final race of the Dinoco 400 at the Motor Speedway of the South was an incredible race. After various battles, Chick Hicks caused an incredible wreck. All the cars were hitting another car. Fortunately, Claude Scruggs and Chuck Armstrong's crashes had no consequences. In fact, the Leak Less driver jumped on Todd Marcus' head, while Chuck was doing a big flip. Lightning got a huge lead in the race after skipping a pit stop. On the final lap, he blows his rear tires, so he hops towards the finish line. The King, Chick Hicks, and Lightning all tied. This incredible race termed with a three tie of the three leaders, and the judges decided to take a rematch at Los Angeles International Speedway the next week between the three leaders, and the winner would win the Piston Cup.

When Lightning was in Radiator Springs, he discovered that Doc Hudson was the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, winning 3 Piston Cups, from 1951, 1952, and 1953. Then, in 1954, he got into a crash, and his sponsors quit on him and went on to the next Rookie standing in line, so he finished his racing career and moved to Radiator Springs.

Mack and the reporters found Lightning, and they took him to the tie-breaker race.


Dinoco 400 publicity.

The Sunday on the 27th of May, the final race of 200 laps was taken with almost 200,000 fans at the speedway and the country was showdown for what many experts have called the race of the century. However, McQueen couldn't concentrate on the race, because he missed his friends in Radiator Springs. Then he realized that everyone in Radiator Springs is now his pit crew. Using backwards driving taught by Mater, a fast pit stop from Guido, and turning right to go left taught by Doc, Lightning took the lead. The 86# racer Chick Hicks officially won the race, but all the views were on the 95# racer Lightning McQueen that showed an incredible display of sportsmanship by driving Strip
2005 piston cup

2005 Piston Cup

Weathers to the final lap as he got seriously damaged by Hicks, completing like that his last race, as he thinks of the crash being similar to Doc's, which he gave up his chances of becoming the first rookie to win a Piston Cup. At the end, the Dinoco sponsor was offered to McQueen, but he decides to stay with Rust-eze. Hicks' fans were outraged at what he did to The King on the track and booed him for being a cheater. They pelted Chick with debris, forcing him off the stage in humiliation. Lightning was hailed for his good sportsmanship on the track. A total of 36 cars competed in the series and 3 tracks are known.

2006 Season (Cars: The Video Game)

Lightning's next Piston Cup Season in 2006 was about to start. To get ready, he learned how to turn on dirt from Doc. He also joins Sarge's SUV Boot Camp for a while. And Mater taught him how to drive backwards. Lightning was ready for the Piston Cup. The 2006 Piston Cup Season got place in 5 different speedways: Palm Mile Speedway, Motor Speedway of the South, Sun Valley International Raceway, Smasherville Speedway and Los Angeles International Speedway. The racecar Lightning McQueen with his new team got in the first three positions in the all the four races, making him the season champion and Chick Hicks in second place. But Chick didn't accepted McQueen's glory so he claimed a rematch. After the race at Smasherville International Speedway, Lightning challenges Chick to the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, which was 3 races in different parts of Radiator Springs (The Radiator Springs Grand Prix, the Tailfin Pass Grand Prix and the Ornament Valley Grand Prix), with one last Piston Cup race at the Los Angeles International Speedway. The last race was won again in good law by Lightning McQueen and he became the 2006 Piston Cup champion winning his first Piston Cup, which he dedicated to Doc. Lightning won at least 4 races and his first Piston Cup. Then he went on a road trip with Sally, Mater, and Doc.


McQueen Champion.

2006 Piston Cup

2006 Piston Cup champion Lightning McQueen.

2007-2011 seasons

Hudson Hornet Piton Cup

Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Trophy

After the 2006 Piston Cup season won by McQueen, other 3 more seasons where again won by Lightning McQueen, making him a four-time Piston Cup champion. In 2009, he won the Hudson Hornet Piston Cup named in honor of the deceased Piston Cup champion Doc Hudson. He also won in the 2010 season. He then came home with his 4th Piston Cup in 2011, which was also his first Hudson Hornet Piston Cup.

The World Of Cars Online

In The World of Cars Online, you could became a champion by yourself by playing and racing as you get points to became a Piston Cup champion. You could race in the following circuits:
Piston Cup in The World Of Cars Online

Piston Cup in WOC.


  • The Piston Cup is based on the real world Winston Cup, awarded to NASCAR champions from 1971 to 2003. In 2004, however, NASCAR severed relations with Winston and the award became the Nextel Cup, quickly changing to the Sprint Cup after Sprint bought out Nextel. Incidentally, the Hudson Hornet competed in the Grand National era of 1950 to 1970.
  • In real life, contemporary NASCAR vehicles would not be able to compete against vehicles of the Grand National era. This is because modern NASCAR vehicles are spec, racing-built sedans with sophisticated racing technology whereas Grand National era cars are modified production cars. Today's NASCAR sedans would greatly outperform the stock cars of the Grand National era. Also, NASCAR safety technology has dramatically evolved since the Grand National era and thus drivers of such vehicles would be at a greater safety risk than those driving today's NASCAR sedans.


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