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Petrov Trunkov
General Information



Light green

Eye Color



Trunkov Family Member


Somewhere in the Baltic Sea


Zapor, Petrov Oilski

Friends & Family

Vladimir Trunkov
Tolga Trunkov


J. Curby Gremlin
Tubbs Pacer
Victor Hugo
Professor Z
Miles Axlerod


Finn McMissile
Holley Shiftwell
Lightning McQueen

Other Information


Series Information
First Appearance

Cars 2

Petrov Trunkov is a rusty old Trunkov.


Petrov Oilski Trunkov hails from a tiny village on the Baltic Sea where temperatures in winter drop down to a frigid -10C. And if that's not enough, the salty air and rocky roadways have irreversibly corroded his body panels. But Petrov really doesn't mind. In fact, he likes his engine air very cool, and thinks the bubbling rust makes him look more 'mileage mature'. Add the fact that he carries most of his weight in his rear-end and it's a wonder he doesn't break in half when the going gets rough.

Petrov wasn't clearly seen anywhere in Cars 2, but concept art shows a light green Trunkov, that appears to be Petrov, in the airport chase scene. However, the car in question doesn't appear in the final movie, and seem to have been replaced by Grem. There was also an airport playset released called the Cars 2 Spy Jet Escape playset which shows Grem and Petrov chasing Mater in the background, instead of Grem and Acer like in the movie. Interestingly, the set was released before the movie, as well as the die-cast for Petrov. It can also be noted that Petrov is included in the LEGO Cars 2 set 9483: Agent Mater's Escape as the operator of the Lemon's camera at Porto Corsa. This evidence suggests Petrov was originally meant to be a major henchman, similar to Acer and Grem.


Petrov is painted light green, with a rusty bumper that has two tiny orange lights. His rims are brown and rusty, as well his headlights and the rest of his body.


He is modeled after a ZAZ-968 Zaporozhets with one adjustment: the letter T on his front bumper which stands for his last name; Trunkov.

According to his diecast, his license plate is 19-71 SMK, the same of Vladimir Trunkov and a black Trunkov.


Feature Films



  • Concept art reveals that Petrov was originally going to be one of the main two lemons (with Acer), but was later replaced with Grem.
  • His name varies (incorrectly) in merchandise: Zapor, Petrov Oilski (shown by the Geotrax toy version of him), and A Trunkov.


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