Palm Mile Speedway

Circuit view.

The Palm Mile Speedway is a racing circuit located in the city of Palm Mile, where the first Piston Cup race of the 2006 season was hosted. It appears in the first Cars Video Game.
Palm Mile loading screen

Loading screen.


  • The circuit name is based on the actual Palm Springs city of California, U.S.A. The name is also based on Milwaukee Mile Speedway's name.


  1. Joltsen
  2. Turner
  3. Zeb
  4. Guenther
  5. Lee Jr.
  6. Chick Hicks
  7. Riley
  8. Buck
  9. Medford
  10. Masterson
  11. Suregrip
  12. Henderson
  13. Aikens
  14. Hollister
  15. Bashman
  16. Banks
  17. McCoy
  18. Cortland
  19. Lightning McQueen
  20. Clarkson

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