Monster Truck Mayhem Races
Event Information



Rustbucket Stadium (1, 2)
Radiator Springs (3)
Autovia (4)
Ornament Valley (5)


Finish Hudson Student Run (1)
Finish Candice's Glam Tour (2)
Finish Match Up (3)
Finish Off Road Race 1 (4)
Finish Hudson Student Run (5)

Monster Truck Mayhem Races are events in Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Event information

Monster Truck Mayhem Races are played as monster trucks. Each race is three laps long. In Story Mode, the player always plays as Monster Lightning McQueen while the opponents are Monster Mater, Sulley, Count Spatula, the Crippler and Ginormous. Count Spatula and Ginormous do not appear on the PlayStation 2 version of the game. Players can also play as Monster Mater or Sulley in Arcade Mode.


Name Location Prerequisite Unlocks Gold Event Notes
Monster Truck Mayhem 1 Rustbucket Stadium Hudson Student Run No This race follows the same track as Smash Up 3, except in reverse.
Monster Truck Mayhem 2 Rustbucket Stadium Candice's Glam Tour Smash Up 2 Yes This race follows the same track as Bubba's Bucket Bash.
Monster Truck Mayhem 3 Radiator Springs Match Up Tokyo Mater Yes This race takes place in Sarge's Boot Camp. It is also the only Monster Truck Race in the game to feature a cut-scene in Story Mode.
Monster Truck Mayhem 4 Autovia Off Road Race 1 No This is the only Monster Truck Race in the game to take place outside of Radiator Springs.
Monster Truck Mayhem 5 Ornament Valley Hudson Student Run No


  • This is the only event type in Cars: Race-O-Rama that does not have eight racers, instead having only six, due to there being only six monster truck characters in the game.
  • This is the only occasion in any of the Cars games in which monster trucks can be spun around and driven backwards.
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