Cars 2 Mom On A Mission00:31

Cars 2 Mom On A Mission

Mom on a Mission is a cross-ad for Target and Pixar's 2011 project Cars 2.


Francesco Bernoulli races by Lightning McQueen, claiming he thought Lightning was a stop sign. They soon get into a race against each other, when Minny squeezes through them. Francesco and Lightning, surprised, stop suddenly, to see her racing down to a Target store. Mater jumps in front and says "No one can beat a mom on a mission!". Minny is seen speeding into the store, while several cars jump out of the way.


Other characters include various shoppers, who make a cameo.


  • This is the only time that Minny appears without Van.
  • This advert reveals that Minny and Van have one or more than one child.
  • When the scenes switch from Francesco passing McQueen to McQueen catching up with him, they have switched lanes.


  • Throughout this advert, Minny has a different voice even though she was voiced by the same voice actor.


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