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Radiator Springs

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John Ratzenberger

Mack is Lightning McQueen's transporter.


Endless days on the road and sleepless nights criss-crossing the country... For some this life would quickly grow old. But not Mack. No sir. Mack knows how important his role is. He's driving Lightning McQueen, the world's fastest racecar. He's part of a team, and everybody knows there's no I in team, just like there's no I in Mack.


By 2005, in Cars, Mack was assigned his racer and team - Rust-eze Racing, with the spoiled and self-centered Lightning McQueen. Although McQueen didn't treat him that well, Mack was still loyal and kind-hearted to him. Mack has various lines in Cars, despite him only having two in the sequel.

Cars: The Video Game

in Cars: The Video Game, Mack and the new McQueen are very good friends and are still working together in the Piston Cup. He appears in part 2 of the end-scene for the Radiator Springs Grand Prix event, where he tells Lightning that he should get back into shape for racing before the next season starts. He then appears in all the cut-scenes for the Piston Cup races. In High Speed Heist, Mack has now proven himself to be a little easy to distract, as the Delinquent Road Hazards make him fall asleep on the highway and rob him of McQueen's racing gear. Then Mack reports to Sheriff that he was robbed, and Sheriff tells Lightning about the robbery. Then in the cut-scene for Los Angeles International Speedway, Mack was kind of sad, because it was the end of the season, and he was gonna miss the season.

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures

In Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures, Mack appears during Drive-In And Out, as one of the characters you must clear a path for.

Mater and the Ghostlight

In Mater and the Ghostlight, Mack appears at Flo's V8 Cafe with all the other townsfolk, listening the Sheriff tell the story of the Ghostlight, After the story is over, he helps the others pull a prank on Mater by putting a lamp on his tow hook.

Cars: Race-O-Rama

Mack doesn't play a big role in Cars: Race-O-Rama. He appears in Mack Track Challenge, where you must use his trailer to do a big jump. Mostly in the game, he is the transporter that helps you get to different places in the game.

Cars 2

In Cars 2, Mack is still working at the Piston Cup, continuing his occupation as Lightning's team hauler. In Cars 2, he is briefly seen at the beginning when Lightning goes back to Radiator Springs, where he says one of his only 2 lines. He doesn't accompany him to the World Grand Prix due to being on vacation. At the end, he talks with Lizzie and says the other of his only 2 lines of the movie. Those only 2 lines that he had are "Oh, these best friend greetings all get longer every year," and "Oh, those two are perfect for each other."

Cars Land

Mack's only appearance in Cars Land is in Radiator Springs Racers. When you come in the dark tunnel, you will almost crash into Mack, so you drive out of the way. You can hear him scream and call you a road hog. Then you will almost crash into Van and Minny, who really are the car couple that are lost and need to look for directions.


Mack is loyal and kind-hearted, even to cars who are a little mean to him. He is also easily distracted, as proven on the Interstate 40, twice.


Mack's cab is painted red, and has a grey grille with his name on it. The trailer he hauls around is red and grey, with a picture of Lightning McQueen, the Rust-eze logo, the number 95, and Lightning's name painted on each side. He has chrome rims.


Mack is based off of a 1980s-era Mack Super-Liner semi cab, with a compatible trailer.

His license plate is RUSTEZ3.


Formerly a delivery truck, Mack now has a profession of transporting Lightning McQueen to each of his Piston Cup races.


Feature Films

Short Films

Video Games


Mack has often been released as playsets.


  • When Mack watches the Cars-parodies of previous Pixar movies, he thought whoever did the voice of Hamm, P.T. Flea, and the Yeti as cars is one great actor until he realized they used the same voice actor in all movies and wonders "what kind of a cut-rate production is this?". This is a reference to John Ratzenberger (who portrays Mack) having to portray at least one character in every Pixar movie.
  • In Cars 2, he has the least amount of dialogue out of all of John Ratzenberger's roles, because he only had 2 lines.
  • The wind deflector on Mack's roof actually resembles a trucker cap, which is often worn by many truck drivers in real life. This is extremely noticeable due to the prominent visor protruding above his windshield (eyes).
  • For some reason, Mack and Lizzie are the only inhabitants of Radiator Springs that did not participate in the final battle against the Lemons in England at the end of the sequel. Also, Mack and Lizzie are the only inhabitants of Radiator Springs who did not come to England. Fillmore also does not participate in the London battle, probably because he is a pacifist.
  • For some reason, the dog-shaped hood ornament on Mack's hood isn't car-ified.


From Cars

Mack: "California, here we come!"
Lightning McQueen: "Dinoco, here we come!"
—Mack and Lightning leave to go to Los Angeles.
"What? Did I forget to wipe my mud flaps?"
—Mack, after everyone gasps when they find out Lightning is missing.

From Cars 2

"Oh, these best friend greetings all get longer every year!"
—Mack, watches Mater's handshake.
Lizzie: "A valuable dent? She's as crazy as Mater!"
Mack: "Oh, those two are perfect for each other."
—Lizzie and Mack, hearing that Holley Shiftwell wants to keep her dent.


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