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Mach Matsuo
General Information



White, red

Eye Color



Shu Todoroki's Crew Chief

Series Information
First Appearance

Cars 2



Mach Matsuo is Shu Todoroki's crew chief.


Mach used to be one of the world's most successful production sports-car racers. He found winning success on the sands of Baja, in European rallies, and in sports-car club races around Japan. When Mach got the offer to be a Le Motor crew chief, he realized it was time to start training and shaping Shu Todoroki into a World Grand Prix champion!

In Cars 2, he is seen in the Japan race telling Shu something in Japanese. He is seen after Bruno Motoreau and before Giuseppe Motorosi.


Mach is modeled as a 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z.

Mach's license plate reads 6206.


Feature Films



  • The Nissan Fairlady Z was marketed as the Datsun 240Z in the USA.
  • Yoshihiko Matsuo (in which Mach appears to be named after) is the Nissan designer who designed the Fairlady Z.
  • 96% of the first generation Z cars were sold in North America, very few were sold domestically in Japan.
  • In the first Cars 2 trailer around 0:47, Mach Matsuo can be spotted rapidly passing by in the background as Mater and Lightning McQueen are driving in Tokyo. This scene however does not appear in the final film.
  • In Cars 2, an orange Z can be seen in the crowd at the Japan WGP race holding batons.
  • In Cars 2, a green Z can be seen in the streets after the "karate demonstration" is over. Nissan sold several green Z cars, but the avocado hue seems to indicate Nissan 113 Metalic Green which was introduced in 1972.
  • In Cars 2, the gong struck at the Japan WGP cocktail party is shaped like a stock Z wheel cover.


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