The Lightyear logo

Lightyear is a tire trademark in the Cars universe. The Piston Cup Racing Series had a partnership with Lightyear, and because of this, all of its competitors was required to use Lightyear tires.

Additionally, during races, Lightyear's blimp, Al Oft, can be seen flying over the stadiums, advertising for the company.

In Cars 3 Next Gens using different tires, instead of Lightyear, name of brand is unknown, last time Lightyear used by Cruz Ramirez at 2018 Florida 500. Chick Hicks is still using this tires after retirement, but now on them written "Chick Hicks" instead of "Lightyear".



  • Lightyear is a parody of the real-life Goodyear company, which has a similar partnership with NASCAR. The name "Lightyear" is most likely a reference to Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise, another series created by Pixar.
  • There is an counterfeit of this brand called "Lite Yeer" that also sells tires. It was created by Big D.

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