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Kori Turbowitz
Kori Turbowitz
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"We're here in Victory Lane, awaiting the race results. McQueen, that was quite a risky move, not taking tires."
Kori Turbowitz, Cars

Kori Turbowitz is a minor character in the Cars series that is a reporter for the Piston Cup. Kori's only appearance is in Cars, making three separate appearances throughout the film.

Kori first appears at the Motor Speedway of the South, interviewing Lightning McQueen just before his team quits due to being fed up with his arrogance. She later appears when Mack arrives at the Los Angeles International Speedway, ready to report on McQueen's arrival, though she and the other press members quickly discover McQueen's disappearance, much to their confusion. She also appears towards the end of the film, thanking Doc Hudson for alerting them of Lightning's location.

General information

Physical description

Kori is a 2005 Luxomobile Animatic, a model that is based on a 1997 Ford Puma. She is painted turquoise, with grey rims and a black Press sticker that has the Piston Cup on it.

Personality and traits

Kori is depicted as an upbeat, peppy reporter that is very optimistic. She seems to take her work very seriously.

Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "The smoky-voiced Kori Turbowitz started her career off as a voicemail operator. But her delivery of "You have...THREE new messages" was spoken with such flair, and irreverence that the next thing she knew, she was the number one radio host in the Bay Area, and one of the top Piston Cup reporters on television."




  • "Are you sorry you didn't have a crew chief out there?" - Cars
  • "That was a very confident Lightning McQueen. Coming to you live from Victory Lane, I'm Kori Turbowitz." - Cars

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Kori Turbowitz Kori Turbowitz
Polish Kori Turbowitz Kori Turbowitz
Ukrainian Корі Турбович Kori Turbowytch. Surname ending changed to more common in Ukrainian language.

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