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Ivan 2
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Dark blue, red

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Victor Hugo's Transporter

Friends & Family

Victor Hugo
Alexander Hugo
Miles Axlerod
Professor Z
J. Curby Gremlin
Tubbs Pacer
Vladimir Trunkov
Karl Haulzemoff


Finn McMissile
Holley Shiftwell
Lightning McQueen

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Cars 2


Stanley Townsend

"Sounds like you need some roadside assistance."
—Ivan, Cars 2

Ivan (pronounced ee-van, not eye-van) is one of Victor Hugo's workers.


Most tow trucks just look tough, but Ivan is really tough. From his front grille to his rear hook, he's built solid. What else would you expect from Victor Hugo's personal chauffeur? The rumor that demolished a subcompact with one drop of the tow boom may sound preposterous, but it's absolutely true. Still, every tough truck has a weakness and for Ivan it's helping a pretty sports car with a flat tire. All she has to do is give a wink and a shy smile, and he's read with "roadside assistance."

In Cars 2, Ivan is a blue tow truck who works for Victor Hugo. He is Victor's personal transportation, towing him place to place. He also serves as a body guard. Mater disguises himself as Ivan to infiltrate the lemon meeting being held in Porto Corsa to get info. Holley Shiftwell tazes Ivan before this so he doesn't blow their cover. He later regains consciousness and captures Holley. And when Mater was trying to get Lightning McQueen's attention in a crowd, the lemons grab him and Ivan takes his place. In the end, he is attacked by Mater when he tries to get Lightning McQueen, and is arrested in London with his lemon employers.


Ivan is painted dark blue, with a maroon tow hook and bumper. He has a black grille, chrome rims and orange lights on his roof.


Ivan resembles a Chevrolet 4100 tow truck.

His license plate reads PN-217-63.


Feature Films



  • Ivan is the ninth Pixar villain to be physically fought.
  • He looks very similar to Mater, except without buck teeth, different model and different eye color.


Alexander Hugo: "Gremlins, man, those are some ugly cars. Look like someone stole their trunks!"
(Alex, Ivan, and the other black Hugos laugh)
Holley Shiftwell (Italian accent): (something in Italian). "My grand-a father has-a broken down. If-a one of-a you would help, I would be so thankful."
Ivan: "Sounds like you need some roadside assistance."
Alexander Hugo: "She was talking to me, Ivan!"
Ivan: "Oh, really? Prove it!" (hits Alexander Hugo)
Holley Shiftwell (still Italian accent): "No, no, no! Don't-a fight over me. Signore Tow Truck, per favore."
—Alexander Hugo, Ivan, and the other black Hugos meet Holley, who they don't know is a spy.
"How is your grandfather?"
—Ivan, when he captures Holley
"In England, you'll be finished! At the finish line."
—Ivan's warning to Lightning McQueen


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