Here I Am
Song Information
Recorded by

The Explosion

Written by

Matt Hock, Dave Walsh, Damian Genuardi, & Andrew Black

Used in

Cars: The Video Game

Cars video game - Here I Am02:51

Cars video game - Here I Am

The song

Here I Am is an instrumental version of a song off of The Explosion's 2004 album "The Black Tape" that was selected to be used in Cars: The Video Game. The likely reason for the song being an instrumental is due to the politically charged, mature lyrics in the album/single version officially released by the band being too much for the E rated game. The song is performed by Boston, Massachusetts rock band The Explosion.


Cars: The Video Game was not the only video game to use this song, nor was it the only one to censor its lyrics as the song also appeared in the T rated Burnout 3 for the PS2, & Xbox, edited to a lesser extent.

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