658px-Hans' Pet Boutique

Hans' Pet Boutique is a location in the 2011 State Farm commercial. The store is owned by Hans.

In the commercial when Mater crashes into a pole and the pole crashes into the pet store's window, Sara Safestreet shows up and honks the State Farm jingle. Then, almost a dozen State Farm Insurance Pitties show up and clean up the mess Mater made and repair and catch all the pets for Hans.


  • In the commercial, "Han's" is mispelled. The apostrophe should be after the N.
  • These are Car-fied animals. The parrots are airplanes, the hamsters are micro-cars and the snakes are trains.
  • In various photos are seen a lot of flowers in front of a shop. That shop can be Hans' Flower Shop. In fact, also Han's Pet Boutique is in Tokyo.


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