Hostile Takeover Bank (htB) is a banking company (apparently, with an interesting name) for hostile acquisitions. It's also the sponsor of Chick Hicks and El Machismo. Chick Hicks' crew chief Chief Chick is the owner of the HTB.

It is currently unknown who is being sponsored by HtB after Chick Hicks's retirement from the Piston Cup or if it has gone bankrupt, this sponsor does not return in Cars 3


  • In Buy n Large's website's news section in the "Sound and Fury of Corp. Punk" article, Re-Fi's next tour is called the "Hostile Takeover" tour. This is likely a reference to Hostile Takeover Bank. Note: Because the website is mostly defunct, to view the specific page click "Headlines", then "Sound and Fury of Corp. Punk".

Names in other languages

  • Russian - "Банк Шарашкин-Компани" - Bank of Sharashkin's Company, reference to phraseologism "Sharashkin's Office" resembles unreliable company.