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Not to be confused with the Cars: Race-O-Rama event.

El Materdor-logo
El Materdor
Short Information

October 29, 2008 on TV
November 2, 2010 on DVD/Blu-ray

Written by

John Lasseter
Rob Gibbs
Bobby Podesta
Scott Morse
Bobby Rubio
Justin Wright
Valerie LaPointe

Directed by

John Lasseter
Rob Gibbs
Victor Navone

Episode Guide

Mater the Greater


Tokyo Mater

El Materdor is the third episode in Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales.
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Lightning McQueen and Mater drive by a herd of bulldozers near Radiator Springs. Mater tells Lightning that they are just like the one he used to fight. The film then goes to Spain in a stadium full of fans. A Bulldozer named Chuy enters the stadium and fights Mater. Mater has his red cloth and Chuy chases it. Every time the bulldozer misses Mater, Mater and the crowd say, "Olé!". The bulldozer gets ready to charge at Mater. Mater taunts the bulldozer and it charges. Mater spins around and the bulldozer falls over. As Mater turns to face the crowd, the bulldozer charges again at Mater, this time, bulldozing Mater into the ground. The red cloth falls onto the pile of dirt that Mater is under and a bell tolls. It appears Mater has been killed. Suddenly, Mater emerges from the dirt. The crowd cheers. Mater's hood falls off. Suddenly, more bulldozers enter the stadium and charge at Mater. He jumps and all the bulldozers crash into each other. Then, even more bulldozers enter the stadium and surround Mater. Back at Radiator Springs, Lightning asks Mater what happened next. Mater reminded Lightning that "you was there too". Back in Spain, the bulldozers chase Lightning because of his red paint job. At Radiator Springs, Lightning tells Mater that it did not happen. Mater tells Lightning to tell that to the bulldozers, who chase Lightning down the road.



  • "Materdor" is a pun on "matador". However, the proper name could possibly exist in the Cars world, with people calling Mater "El Materdor".
  • The bulldozers are car-versions of bulls. Frank resembles a bull, but is a combine harvester, not a bulldozer. In the first film, Lightning McQueen says that he's a racecar, not a bulldozer, mentioning about not removing things. This makes it confusing.
  • The Bulldozers from the short make a brief cameo in the end credits at the end of Cars 2.


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