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Donna pits
Donna Pits
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Rusty white

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Long Island

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Donna Pits is a Rust-eze supporter from Long Island. In Cars, when Mack informs Lightning McQueen that he must attend a sponsor's meeting in order to enter his trailer, McQueen attempts to sneak around the crowd of rusty cars, but is ultimately spotted, and forced to give a speech to the corroding onlookers, including Donna.

Later, shortly after tie-breaker race at the Los Angeles International Speedway, Tex Dinoco offers Lightning the Dinoco sponsorship, but he declines the offer, insteading opting to stick with the Rust-eze team, and glances over at a crowd of rusty cars outside of his tent, of which Donna is a part of.

She is a 1980 Emerycraft Lima that is painted tan, but is covered in rust.

Profiles and statistics


  • Bio
    • "Donna loves living in Long Island. True, she was fraught with corrosion, but the salty air was no match for the good ol' gusto and love of meeting new friends. Greeting the European and Asian imports, making sure they found warm fuel and garages made it all worth it. What's a little rust after all?"


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Polish Donna Pits Donna Pits


  • Donna Pits is the only car with a single wing mirror on the passenger side.

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