Doctor hudson dr of internal combustion

The Doc Hudson Racing Museum

Doc's Clinic is a doctor's office located in Radiator Springs. Before deceasing, Doc worked here.


In Cars, Doc's clinic is the doctor's office in Radiator Springs, where Doc Hudson works and lives.

In Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Mater-National Championship, nothing has really changed. However, it is assumed that the business is way more popular now.

It closed down in Cars 2 and was made into a museum about Hudson.


The clinic is a big white building, with two large doors with windows. Above the doors are the words "Doctor Hudson - Dr. of Internal Combustion".


  • Doc keeps his and Lightning's trophies on the windowsill.
  • Something strange is that the building is virtually very small, yet it has Doc's office and his huge garage full of junk.

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