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Dinoco Girls
General Information



Light blue

Eye Color

Blue, green and violet


Dinoco Cheerleaders


Dinoco Showgirls

Series Information
First Appearance


The Dinoco Girls, also known as the Dinocuties or Dinoco Showgirls, are dancers in the Dinoco tent. They are of various make models, and are completely covered in blue paint. All of them have large feathers on top of their roofs.



Dinoco Tent


In Cars, they are first seen performing on the Dinoco stage after the Motor Speedway of the South race. In Lightning McQueen's daydream of being sponsored by Dinoco, two of the girls are seen beside him (with one of them kissing him on the cheek) before we see his paint being changed. They also appear in McQueen's dream of Frank winning the Piston Cup, where one of them kisses him, making him growl.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, the Dinoco Girls can be seen on the stage of the Dinoco stage accessory, along with Rotor Turbosky.

Official profiles and statistics

  • Bios
    • "Those nine blue-feathered beauties on deck at the Dinoco publicity tent, they're the "Dinocuties." They're the last dancers standing after a fierce international competition in which the gals all lived in a giant dorm and competed for dominance on television. On the final episode, The King, Strip Weathers, hand-picked the winners."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Dinoco Girls Dinoco Girls
Polish Dziewczyny Dinoco Dinoco Girls


  • The character Trophy Girl appears to share the same make model as the Dinoco Girls, including the orange feathers on top of her head.

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