Cozy cone motel

The Cozy Cone Motel

The Cozy Cone Motel is a motel lot in Radiator Springs owned, bought and restored by SallyLightning McQueen stays in the motel. It was also a popular stop on Route 66. It is shown in the films Cars and Cars 2, Cars: The Video Game, Mater-National, Cars Race-O-Rama, some Cars Toons, Mater and the Ghostlight and The World of Cars Online.

Cars Land

In Cars Land, the Cozy Cone Motel serve "cone"-themed foods, like pop-cone, ice cream cones, cone on the cob, cone dogs, etc.


  • The Cozy Cone Motel's design is based on the two Wigwam Motels along Route 66, in Holbrook, Arizona and Rialto, California. These were once two out of seven built motels, with individual cabins shaped like teepees. Three Wigwam Motels remain; the third (and oldest) is in Cave City, Kentucky, far from Route 66. The recently restored Tee Pee Motel in Wharton, Texas, south of Houston, is of similar design but unrelated. The name "Cozy Cone" was inspired by the Cozy Dog Drive-In of Springfield, Illinois, which lays claim to being birthplace of the corn dog.


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