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Chick hicks crew chief
Chief Chick
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Chick Hicks' Crew Chief

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"McQueen's blown a tire! McQueen's blown a tire! Go, go, go, go, go!"
Chief Chick, Cars

Chief Chick is Chick Hicks' crew chief in Cars. In Cars, Chief Chick is present at both Piston Cup races, supervising Chick's team.

Chief Chick is a 200 1/2 Ton Truck 5.7 L V-8, a model that closely resembles a 1992 Ford F150 Regular Cab. He is painted entirely green, with yellow rims, and Chick Hicks' logo on his doors and hood. His black grille resembles a mustache.



Chief Chick makes his first appearance in the film at the Motor Speedway of the South, monitoring Chick's racing and giving him advice. He also supervises the other members of Chick Hick's pit crew team, including Bruiser Bukowski, Wide Chick Pitty and Pit Crew Chick, to make sure they are on task.

He later appears at the tie-breaker race in Los Angeles, once again commanding Chick in hopes that he will win the race. Chief Chick and Chick's pitties laugh after seeing that Guido is the only tire changer that Lightning McQueen brought to the race; however, they are shocked when Guido pulls off one of the fastest pit stops in Piston Cup history.

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    • "Chick's loyal crew chief has been the number one guy to the second-place race car for over ten years-through the good, the bad, and the ugly. He longs for the day when chick will win a Piston Cup so that he will no longer be the second-best crew chief on the racing circuit."

Names in other languages

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Spanish Chief Chick Chief Chick
French Chief Chick Chief Chick

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