Honors awarded to Cars 2.

Annie Awards

  • Nominated: Best Animated Feature
  • Nominated: Animated Effects in an Animated Production - Eric Froemling
  • Nominated: Animated Effects in an Animated Production - Jon Reisch
  • Nominated: Character Design in a Feature Production - Jay Shuster
  • Nominated: Production Design in a Feature Production - Harley Jessup
  • Nominated: Storyboarding in a Feature Production - Scott Morse
  • Nominated: Editing in a Feature Production - Stephen Schaffer, A.C.E.

Hollywood Foreign Press Association

  • Nominated: Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film

ITV National Movie Awards

  • Nominated: Must See Movie of the Summer

Key Art Awards

  • Won: Theatrical Print Bronze award

People's Choice Awards

Producers Guild Awards

  • Nominated: Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures - Denise Ream

Visual Effects Society Awards

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