Candice's Daddy
Candice's Daddy
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Cars: Race-O-Rama



Candice's Daddy is Candice's father.


In the game, Candice mentions her daddy in a lot of her phrases. After Candice lost a race to Lightning McQueen, she called her daddy for new everything, and he said his only line agreeing to get what his daughter wants. Even though never seen on-screen, he talks to Candice on a speaker phone inside Candice's driver's trailer.


Video Games


  • Candice's Daddy is the 2nd character in the Cars series to be only heard on the phone. The first one is Harv.


Candice: "Daddy, I want new tires, new paint, new... everything! And I want it NOW!!!"
Candice's Daddy: "Whatever you want sweetie. I'll make the usual arrangement."
Candice calls her daddy.

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