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Bob Cutlass
Bob Cutlass
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Piston Cup Announcer

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Bob Costas

Bob Cutlass is a racing announcer for the Piston Cup.



Bob Cutlass is a world renowned sports announcer. He's covered every sporting event from tractor pulls to monster truck rallies, including the last three Olympic games, but he's most famous for teaming up with former Piston Cup racer Darrell Cartrip to announce Piston Cup racing on the Racing Sports Network. Bob Cutlass is the voice of reason to Darrell's enthusiastic color commentary. Bob is also the host of Sunday night's TV staple "America's Funniest Sports Utility Vehicles."

Bob Cutlass' only appearance was in Cars, announcing in the Piston Cup with Darrell Cartrip. It is assumed that he retired from the Piston Cup, so he could continue his announcing career on other shows such as the TV show "America's Funniest Sports Utility Vehicles" and monster truck rallies.


Bob is painted a purple-gray color, with chrome rims and mirrors.


Bob is a 1988 Saxon Grand Touring Sports Coupe 3-Liter Inline Six 200 HP Sae @ 6,000 RPM. He is also based on a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora, although the Aurora was never offered as a 2 door model.


Cutlass is one of the two Piston Cup announcers.


Feature Films



  • Bob is based on the real life announcer Bob Costas.
  • Although Bob Cutlass doesn't appear in Cars 2, many cars of the same model as him can be seen in the background of the movie, like Lewis Hamilton's crew chief.


Bob Cutlass: "Welcome back to the Dinoco 400. I'm Bob Cutlass, here with my good friend, Darrell Cartrip. We're midway through what may turn out to be a historic day for racing."
Darrell Cartrip: "Bob, my oil pressure's through the roof right now. If this gets any more exciting, they're gonna have to tow me outta the booth!"
Bob Cutlass: "Right you are, Darrell. Three cars are tied for the season points lead, heading into the final race of the season. And the winner of this race, Darrell, will win the season title and the Piston Cup. Does The King, Strip Weathers, have one more victory in him before retirement?"
Darrell Cartrip: "He's been Dinoco's golden boy for years! Can he win them one last Piston Cup?"
Bob Cutlass: "And, as always, in the second place spot we find Chick Hicks. He's been chasing that tailfin his entire career."
Darrell Cartrip: "Chick thought this was his year, Bob. His chance to finally emerge from The King's shadow. But the last thing he expected was...Lightning McQueen!"
Bob Cutlass: "You know, I don't think anybody expected this. The rookie sensation came into the season unknown. But everyone knows him now."
Darrell Cartrip: "Will he be the first rookie to win a Piston Cup and land Dinoco?"
Bob Cutlass: "The legend, the runner-up, and the rookie! Three cars, one champion!"
—Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip doing race announcements.


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