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Bob Cutlass
Bob Cutlass
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Piston Cup Announcer

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Bob Costas

Bob Cutlass is a racing announcer for the Piston Cup.



Cars darrell cartrip


In Cars, Bob is announcing in the Piston Cup with Darrell Cartrip. After Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and The King result in a three-way tie, Bob and Darrell can't believe their eyes and are excitedly trying to decide on a winner. Both also appear at the Los Angeles International Speedway, commentating on the tie-breaker race. When Lightning pushes The King to the finish line, Bob questions whether or not the performance was against the rules, but Darrell dismisses it.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, Bob and Darrell appear in the skyboxes above the bleachers on Lightning's Track, announcing the races.

General information

Physical description

Bob is a 1988 Saxon Grand Touring Sports Coupe 3-Liter Inline Six 200 HP Sae @ 6,000 RPM. He is also based on a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora, although the Aurora was never offered as a 2 door model. He is painted entirely in a dark shade of grey, having chrome rims and mirrors.

Personality and traits

Unlike Darrell Cartrip, Bob takes his announcing rather seriously, with him usually providing the factual commentary while Darrell provides humorous information and speculation. These qualities have landed him additional announcing occupations on television and radio, such as America's Funniest Sports Utility Vehicles, tractor pulling, monster truck rallies, and even the Olympics.


Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "Bob Cutlass is a world renowned sports announcer. He's covered every sporting event from tractor pulls to monster truck rallies, including the last three Olympic games, but he's most famous for teaming up with former Piston Cup racer Darrell Cartrip to announce Piston Cup racing on the Racing Sports Network. Bob Cutlass is the voice of reason to Darrell's enthusiastic color commentary. Bob is also the host of Sunday night's TV staple "America's Funniest Sports Utility Vehicles."


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Bob Cutlass Bob Cutlass
Polish Bob Kordek Bob Kordek


  • Bob is based on the real life announcer Bob Costas.
  • Otto Bonn's official artwork is a re-color of Bob's.

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