Blue Ramone is a book written and published by Spencer Carson.


It is Flo's birthday party, and as a present, Ramone has decided to paint himself blue, Flo's favorite color, and stay that color for the rest of the week.

Later that night, the residents of Radiator Springs are throwing a cruising party down main street, but Ramone is absent. Ramone finally makes an appearance, coming out of his body shop with his brand new blue color. Ramone make's an announcement that he plans to stay the color for the entire week, but nobody is sure if he can keep his promise. Flo enjoys Ramone's color, but after cleaning his shop, Ramone realizes that he is bored and is tempted to paint himself.

After two more long days, Ramone can't stand it anymore, and finally decides that he must break his commitment - but he still stays that way. The town eventually convince him, and Ramone gives himself a new coat of every color he can find combined.



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