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Blade Ranger - Planes Fire and Rescue
Blade Ranger
General Information



Red, black, gray

Eye Color



Fire and Rescue Helicopter

Series Information
First Appearance

Planes: Fire & Rescue


Ed Harris

Blade Ranger is a helicopter set to appear in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

Blade Ranger, a veteran fire-and-rescue helicopter, heads up the Piston Peak Air Attack team. Haunted by a storied past, he’s a tough and demanding air boss with a wry sense of humor, and he’s not exactly enthusiastic about his new trainee Dusty. But Blade is a pro and does everything he can to bring the new SEAT up to speed.

Blade is a member of the Smokejumpers, an organization working to fight wildfires.

"Blazin'" Blade Ranger was once an actor for the television show CHoPs alongside Nick "Loopin'" Lopez, until Nick was unexpectedly killed in a freak accident during the filming of the show's 139th episode, and Blade was unable to save him in time. Traumatized by this loss, Blade ended up quitting the show business resulting in CHoPs being cancelled and started working at Piston Peak as a fire chief so that he can try to save other people for real. Blade at first doesn't like Dusty Crophopper at first since he is not meant to be a firefighter but is sent there because his damaged gearbox has prevented him from racing, but during the scooping of water for retardant, Dusty ignores Blade's warning about flying too low resulting in them both being swept down a river, off a waterfall, and being trapped inside a mine to escape the worsening fire. Blade's engine is severely damaged by the heat, and is sent back to his hanger to recover while Windlifter is temporarily made the new chief. However, when the fire traps Harvey and Winnie at Augerin' Canyon's burning bridge, Dusty and the smokejumpers have their water supply cut off and simply have to use the remaining water for retardant, which is not enough to put out the fire, but fortunately Blade recovers just in time to save the two RVs while Dusty's gearbox fails completely and he crashes in the woods and is airlifted to the base. After Dusty is fixed, Blade and the smokejumpers all head to Propwash Junction to celebrate Dusty's bravery.


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