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Lizzie: "The only one who's strong enough to fix that road is Big Al!"
Ramone: "Lizzie, Big Al left like 15 years ago."
—Lizzie and Ramone mentioning Big Al.
Big Al
General Information





Radiator Springs' Strongest Townie
Former Radiator Springs Resident

Series Information
First Appearance

A comic

Big Al is a former resident of Radiator Springs.



He was also mentioned by Lizzie in Cars. During the courthouse scene, Lizzie said that the only one who would be able to fix the road with Bessie was Big Al, but Ramone said that Big Al left 15 years ago.

Cars: The Video Game

In the PSP version of the Cars: The Video Game, in the character choice, if you go to Lizzie, she may say, "Who is that? Big Al? Is that you?"

Other Appearances

In one of the Boom! Studios comics, Big Al makes his only physical appearance in the series, in a flashback sequence to when he was still around.


Not much of Big Al is seen, but from what is shown, he is entirely purple.


Big Al made is only appearance in a Boom! Studios comic, but is also mentioned in Cars and Cars: The Video Game.

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