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Boom! Studios Comics

Lizzie: "The only one who's strong enough to fix that road is Big Al!"
Ramone: "Lizzie, Big Al left like 15 years ago."
—Lizzie and Ramone mentioning Big Al.

Big Al is a former resident of Radiator Springs. He left the town about fifteen years before Lightning McQueen's arrival. Others viewed him as tough, with Lizzie saying he was the strongest resident in Radiator Springs while he was there.



In Cars, when Lightning McQueen is sentenced to fix Radiator Springs' main road in an act of community service, Lizzie interjects, claiming Big Al would be the only one capable of completing the task. Ramone informs her that Big Al left the town around fifteen years ago, and Lizzie, forgetting what she was talking about, asks him why Big Al was brought up.

Cars: The Video Game

Big Al also receives a brief mention in the PSP version of Cars: The Video Game. When Lizzie is selected on the character select screen, she may say, "Who is that? Big Al? Is that you?"

Other appearances

Big Al's only physical appearance in the Cars series is in a Boom! Studios Comics issue, in which he appears during a flashback sequence to when he was still around. He is depicted as rather large, with a purple livery.

Names in other languages

Idioma Name Meaning
Polish Big Al / Duży Al Big Al
Latin Spanish El Fortachón Al The Fortress Al
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