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Barry Diesel
Barry Diesel
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Barry Diesel is a large caravan that loves Dinoco oil. Barry is a 1975 Silver Liner Coach V-8, a design that is similar to a 1983 Winnebago Brave. He is painted cream, with green lining on his doors. He wears a large blue Dinoco hat and two large oil cans on his doors full of Dinoco oil.

In Cars, Barry is seen at the Motor Speedway of the South, sipping Dinoco oil in the center of the stadium.

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  • Bios
    • "Barry loves Dinoco oil. He starts his day off with Dinoco Extreme Octane to give him that extra kick in the bumper, and then it's gallon after gallon of Dinoco Regular to keep him running smoothly all day. However, his wife thinks it's about time Barry switched to Dinoco Light."


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Barry Diesel Barry Diesel


  • Barry's "love" for Dinoco oil is a reference to alcohol addictions. Dinoco oil is the Cars world equivalent of beer, and Dinoco Light is likely a parody of the popular beer brand Bud Light.
  • Although he is not seen at the Los Angeles International Speedway, another caravan is seen wearing the same kind of hat and drinking large cans of Dinoco Light. However, this caravan is a different car model, has green eyes, a different grille, and a brown stripe on his front.

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