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Piston Cup Precision Drill Team

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The Piston Cup Precision Drill Team, known better as the Alphanumeros, are a group of seventy-two cars who work for the Piston Cup Racing Series. In Cars, they can be seen driving around the Los Angeles International Speedway prior to the race's start, in a formation where they spell out the words "Piston Cup" when viewed from a distance.

According to Car Finder, the cars who make up the team are Nemomatic MenVs. Some are painted red, while others are painted yellow, and some others are painted blue.

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  • Bios
    • "The Piston Cup Precision Drill Team have been performing their tight-formation car-o-batic since they got together in college spelling out the letters of their fraternity. They can spell out any word under ten letters, at any event large enough to have them. But make sure you proofread your request first, as they will spell out your message exactly as written."



  • The Alphanumeros' make model, the Nemomatic MenV, is not a real type of vehicle. "Nemomatic" is likely a reference to the moonfish from Finding Nemo, and "MenV" is the procedural modelling environment that Bill Reeves developed with Eben Ostby for Pixar.

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